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What is a Daniel Pearl World Music Days Event and the World Music Days eStage?

Daniel Pearl World Music Days events take place the entire month of October, with performances by both amateur and professional musicians. Songs, concerts, compositions and shows are all dedicated to the World Music Days' mission of uniting people around shared values and spreading "Harmony for Humanity." All musical genres are welcome.

Most dedications occur at currently scheduled events, but many people also organize events specifically for World Music Days. Musicians simply make a declaration from stage or in their printed program that affirm the principles by which Daniel Pearl lived: support of tolerance, diversity and the belief that the power of music can bridge differences.

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When can I register World Music Days events and why should I register?

Registration is open year round. Performances outside the month of October areaccepted as Tribute Events using the same registration process as World Music Days performances. The Artist Profile Page will be posted on the Calendar of Events page under Tribute Events. 
Just sign-up and register your concert information today. You will receive a confirmation email shortly after. By posting your dedication on the website in advance, we can help promote your event through our Calendar of Events Artist Profile Pages and website archives. These pages are viewed by thousands of music lovers each year, and many participants find that being listed as an official Daniel Pearl World Music Days event often results in increased attendance.

By registering we will also be able to send you email updates, helpful tips on how to promote your event, and press releases of interest. We may also contact you if we get requests for press interviews. However, the Daniel Pearl Foundation respects your privacy and your information will never be sold or used in any other manner.

Please Note - All World Music Days events are automatically listed on our Calendar of Events.

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Where are World Music Days events held?

From concert halls, nightclubs and coffee shops to embassies, radio stations and parks; Daniel Pearl World Music Days performances take place anywhere. Our goal is to reach every part of the world and ring the world with "Harmony for Humanity."

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Are there any financial obligations?

Absolutely none. Daniel Pearl World Music Days is an awareness raising network of concerts designed to further Danny's belief in the importance of cross-cultural communication through words and music. It is not a fundraising event for the Daniel Pearl Foundation.

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How do I organize/promote an event?

Our Concert Promotion Kit includes sample invitations, flyers, press release templates, and more to help you organize and spread the word about your event. Also, be sure to take advantage of our special Artist Profile Pages and sign-up to be MySpace, Twitter and Facebook friends. If you don't find what you're looking for, please contact us at

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I am a musician, but I do not have an event during this time frame. What can I do to contribute?

Since 2008, performances which fall outside of October may be registered as Tribute Events.

There are many ways that musicians can help. You can upload audio tracks to the "Harmony for Humanity" eStage; alert other musicians of the opportunity to participate in World Music Days by sending them an Invitation Flyer; provide a link to World Music Days on your own web site; or add World Music Days to your Myspace, Twitter and Facebook pages as well as other social networking websites. You can also make a dedication on radio or television when being interviewed by DJs and other media outlets that include examples of your music.

Contact with information about your concert, including the dates, and we will confirm your registration.

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I am not a musician or artist/writer. How else can I participate in World Music Days?

For a list of 10 things that you can do in your community or to work on a special World Music Days research project (including things that you can do at home via computer or phone), please visit our Volunteer section.

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I am a student/teacher/school administrator. How can I get involved?

You don't have to be professional or even an adult to recruit musicians, submit materials to eStage (see above), or Volunteer. You can also:
  • Dedicate any school event that includes music, e.g., a general assembly, school performance or a half-time event.
  • Encourage students to compose and submit poems, stories or lyrics that further the principles of tolerance and cross cultural friendship for submission to eStage.
  • Prepare a lesson plan or class/assembly presentation about World Music Days and integrate "Harmony for Humanity" into your curriculum – a great addition to music and social studies classes. For sample class materials visit our Teacher Resource page.
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Where can I find press information?
  • For current press releases click here. For past press releases visit
  • To arrange interviews or verify facts for stories, please contact
  • For past and recent stories about World Music Days visit Latest News
  • Radio Public Service Announcements featuring Elton John, Herbie Hancock, Ida Haendel and Hamza el Din are available for download now.
If you would like to run a Video PSA on your website, you can embed the following HTML into your web page:

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For a television quality video PSA please contact

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I have a question. Who should I contact?

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I have material to mail, where should I send it?

Daniel Pearl Foundation
World Music Days
16161 Ventura Blvd, Suite C PMB 671
Encino, CA 91436

Phone: 1-818-789-0108

World Music Days:
World Music Days eStage:

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Who is Daniel Pearl?

Although his vocation as a journalist is what brought Daniel Pearl professional acclaim, Danny was also a classically trained violinist, an avid fiddler and a creative mandolin player who used his passion for music to form friendships that crossed cultural and religious divides.

Danny lived a life that knew no geographical boundaries with a spirit that knew no prejudice. He joined musical groups in every community in which he lived, leaving behind a trail of musician-friends around the globe. While working as a Wall Street Journal reporter in South Asia in 2002, he was kidnapped and murdered by terrorists in Pakistan, causing international outrage. Since then, he has become an icon for all wishing to bridge East-West differences.

Every year around his October 10th birthday, musicians around the world join in "Harmony for Humanity" to honor Danny's memory and the principles by which he lived. To learn more visit

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